Sunny CAL Begins

Sunny CAL

1st March so it is time to start the Sunny Log Cabin blanket! The pattern I’m using is Sunny Log Cabin by Lucy (Attic24) She ran a Crochet-A-Long (CAL) on her blog to make this blanket late last year but at the time it was nearing Christmas and hot (summer in Australia) so I wasn’t able to make the blanket. March is the start of Autumn so I’ll be starting the blanket now. I’m using the Sunny Yarn Pack from Woolware House but you could use any yarn you like. You will need 18 100g balls in the various colours you wish.
Sunny CAL Yarn Pack 2

l loved the look of this blanket the moment I saw it. It looks complicated but like all of Lucy’s patterns if you break it down to small elements it really isn’t that hard. This blanket is formed in 16 blocks like a quilt (which is probably why it appeals to me so much) that you join together. The blocks are very simple you start by making a Granny Square centre for each block then doing a strip of 3 rows of the specified colour on the side. Your alternating the strips around the square to make it longer than wider until you have a total of 16 strips around each block (to keep it square) Each of the 16 blocks are a slightly different colour combination which I will share with you as we go along.  Lucy has designed the colour combinations so there is a light side of the square and a dark side just like in a traditional log cabin square done in quilting. Once all 16 blocks are finished and placed in the correct order a lovely pattern appears (sneak peak here) It is a gorgeous blanket once it is finished.

Printed Patterns SLC

I’m a visual person so need a printed pattern. To make things a bit more economical I printed the pattern on recycled scrap paper from work (paper that has only been printed on one side) If you do this just remember to do a test piece to see which way you need to lay the paper in the printer (mine likes it with the printed side up) Also I have gone through and only printed pages that would be useful, I don’t need some of the pictures or to print the blog comments from Lucy’s fans at the bottom of the page . I looked via print preview and found for the Granny Square I only needed to print pages 3-25. For the Log Cabin pattern pages 4 – 24 and 53-57. I only printed the pages to show me how to do one full square of the strips (4 strips) and then at the end the abbreviated version of the pattern which Lucy has kindly put there so you can copy and print off if you wish. The pattern is the same for each block it is just the colour combination that changes for each one. If you only print sections like I have just double check that you pages are the same as what I had as maybe your printer may be different.

Yarn Card Sunny Log Cabin

One bit of preparation I have done is to make myself up a yarn card. These come in very handy if you are like me and are known to lose the labels off the yarn. I like to see at a quick glance which yarn I need to go get out next and work on when I’m doing a project.

Sunny Granny Square Yarn

Ok now that I am really excited time to get start. My aim is to get the 16 Sunny Granny Squares done by possibly Sunday. I’m working all week and volunteering on the Knitters Guild stand at the Rosehill Stitches and Craft Show Saturday morning so I’m not sure how many I will get done but I will give it a good shot. Reading the pattern for the Sunny Granny Square this to me looks like the most complicated section of the entire blanket as you have to do a series of Cluster stitches 2tr-cl, 3tr-cl and 4tr-cl. I have never done any of these before so maybe the centre squares will take longer than I hope. If I can get a few done that will be a start. If you are using the yarn pack the colours for the Sunny Granny Squares are Citron, Spice and Gold but if you are using your own colours any yellow, orange and gold/tan colour yarn would look lovely.

On Sunday I will post the details about the first 2 squares.

Useful Links
Sunny Granny Square
Yarn Card Instructions

Good luck everyone

Happy Crocheting 🙂




3 thoughts on “Sunny CAL Begins

  1. Awesome!!!! I had done the first full square and three more of the centre ones so am also going to try and get the rest of the granny squares done. Hopefully you will keep my on the path to finishing – will offer moral support and virtual cake!!!!!

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