Peg Legs 1st Attempt

Peg Legs 1st Attempt

I have seen Peg Legs by Patterns For Pirates (P4P) everywhere online and decided to give them ago. Sadly my peg legs didn’t work.

Peg Legs 1st Attempt Stitching

Firstly I want to stress the reason they didn’t work has nothing to do with the pattern. The pattern and tutorial are really easy to follow, there is even a video you can watch just to see how easy they are to make. I had no trouble with actually making them it was the fit that didn’t work. I should’ve done my research and actually read the blog post on the P4P blog about making Peg Legs before I started them. I think I have used the wrong fabric. The fabric should be a 4 way stretch knit and mine wasn’t, I used a cotton jersey that was so soft but it just wasn’t right for this project. I couldn’t pull them up past my thighs and in the legs I just got my calves through them. Even though my legs are fairly toned there was no stretch in the tights. There is a possibility I may not have had the grain line the right way. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t check which way was the correct way for grain line with the jersey I used.

Peg Legs 1st Attempt Jam

I had a minor mishap when sewing them together that the thread got jammed on the prongs of the overlocker. I calmly disconnected the power from my machine, lifted the presser foot and wiggled the fabric off. I didn’t panic or stress. I lowered the foot again, connected the power and this time started from the other end until I got to that section and went over it. All easily fixed. My thread was also showing through the seam, thanks to some online advice it is suggested I tighten the tension in my left needle. Also apparently you should match your thread colour to your garment 😛 I must invest in more coloured thread.

Peg Legs 1st Attempt Pucker

On the positive side when I attached the waistband I only had one small pucker on each side, not too bad considering I can never sew curves properly. I am going to try these again. I will look for fabric that has a 4 way stretch. For my first attempt at sewing tights or any form of pants following the pattern wise I did pretty well am not stressed that they haven’t turned out properly. Peg Legs are a great first pattern to try as they are pretty straight forward. If you do wish to get the pattern I would suggest joining the Pattern For Pirates Facebook group first as members get a special discount code to use when purchasing the pattern.

Oh and I clipped the seams together instead of pinning them. Clipping was perfect as I could easily remove them before they went near the cutting blades.



Clip It

Clip It

I’ve got a fair collection of Wonder Clips or craft clips (Wonder Clips are the Clover brand) I use them to hold binding into place when I’m doing mini quilts, fold back areas of fabric when doing hand embroidery and to hold the fabric to papers when doing hexies but it wasn’t until I heard someone in a Facebook forum say she uses regularly instead of pins in her sewing that I thought that sounds like a great idea and I should try it too. Over the weekend I was making a softie that was very bulky. I used clips on the inside of him to hold his limbs out of the seam lines. Instead of pinning around the edge I decided to try clips instead. Oh what a difference it made. I didn’t have the worry about which direction I placed the pins so I could remove them easily, I could concentrate on my sewing and not worry about hidden pins that may go under the needle as I could see the clips. After I had stitched around the outside I removed the clips that were securing the limbs via the turning gap then turned out the toy, this was so much easier than having to poke around trying to remove a pin from the inside or trying to turn out the toy with the pin still in place. Another good thing was no bent pins. I have many a banana shaped pin that has protested about being put through so many layers of a softie or bag. Now in future I will clip first pin second.

You can find Wonder Clips or the generic version of them in the quilting notions section in most sewing shops. There are a heap of online places and ebay that sells them too. There are even some for knitting (which I have a set of) They are a longer clip. In the above picture the purple ones are the knitting ones.


Sunny CAL Week 4

Ok wow so I got a lot done this week. I finished square 3 but just realised now I didn’t take a photo of it on its own.

SC - Square 4 Completed

I made square 4, Didn’t have any issues just followed my chart along. If you ever do make this blanket I really suggest printing out the colour charts and writing the colours up underneath. They are so easy to follow. At a quick glance you can see what colour comes next. I toyed with the idea before I started the blanket of writing the colours on the actual chart but that would be too difficult to read but underneath is perfect.

SC - First 4 Completed

I realised after square 4 I was a quarter the way through the squares and therefore I’m actually making a blanket!!

SC - Square 5 Completed

I started on square 5 but it just didn’t look right. A closer inspection of my centre granny square I noticed another misshapen square. This time I missed some of the trebles in the gold round so I had to frog it back and put it in the incomplete granny pile. I grabbed a new granny square and carried on completing square 5 yesterday. I started on square 6 and did the first round in no time. I like the first round of colours, it is the quickest to do with few stitches and less counting. By the time I’m getting to my outer colours it is taking me two or three attempts just to count one row of 62 stitches.

If you are up to squares 7 and 8 you can find Lucy’s post here.

Square 7
SC - Square 7

Row 1 – Fondant Row 9 – Claret
Row 2 – Meadow Row 10 – Violet
Row 3 – Spice Row 11 – Magenta
Row 4 – Sage Row 12 – Petrol
Row 5 – Shrimp Row 13 – Bright Pink
Row 6 – Wisteria Row 14 – Aster
Row 7 – Lipstick Row 15 – Plum
Row 8 – Lime Row 16 – Turquoise

Square 8
SC - Square 8

Row 1 – Petrol Row 9 – Aster
Row 2 – Shrimp Row 10 – Bright Pink
Row 3 – Turquoise Row 11 – Sage
Row 4 – Spice Row 12 – Fondant
Row 5 – Wisteria Row 13 – Violet
Row 6 – Plum Row 14 – Claret
Row 7 – Lime Row 15 – Meadow
Row 8 – Magenta Row 16 – Lipstick

This week I may have to lay off my square making and concentrate on getting the rest of my granny squares done other wise I’m soon going to run out of centres and will need to start from scratch each time. The granny squares were really easy to do in batches and that way the pattern for them remains fresh in my mind. I’ll see how many centres I can get done. They require concentration and no tv watching.

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Happy Crocheting.

Pamuke Progress

Pamuke Loose Ends

Even though I’m focusing heavily on my Sunny Log Cabin blanket I’m still getting a bit done here and there on my Pamuke blanket. If I’m having an off day or am feeling too tired to concentrate Pamuke has been perfect to work on as I only have to count to 3 (3 trebles per chain space). I’ve decided to go ahead and use up my leftover balls of yarn. I’m just tying them in. I have just knotted the yarns together to join them. I thought perhaps it was better to do them now instead of having them all in one section of the blanket near the top. If I was to do this again I would use them up completely as I went along. The blanket is getting very long now measuring around 44″ in length. I’ve still got another 2 full balls of each colour to go after I use up the leftovers. One ball of each colour will go into the blanket the other will go in the border. I was going to have 2 in the border but I think that might be a bit much. I’ve also decided on the edging I’ll do. I’m going to try crab stitch for the first time after seeing youtube clips this week on how to do it. I like straight edging and crab stitch looks perfect as it will give a straight edge but also add a bit of different texture. Plus I will learn a new crochet stitch.


The Simple Home

Rhonda Hetzel writes the successful Down To Earth blog and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I was lucky enough to do a workshop with her in 2013 and it was wonderful. Rhonda has just published her 3rd book The Simple Home which is a follow up to her book Down To Earth.

The Simple Home

From the start once I opened this book I instantly liked the look of it. It just feels warm and comforting which may sound strange but some books just have that affect. The layout, the font, the images. You can see a lot of care and love has been put into this book. Rhonda has this amazing calming nature and it just comes through the pages in her book.

This book is broken up into chapters based on the months of the year but also to coincide with the seasons within Australia (At the end of the book she also suggests ways to follow this book if you were in the Northern Hemisphere which I thought was a lovely touch and shows how she is widely followed by readers from around the world) She suggests areas you could concentrate on each month that will help you living your more simplified life. This breaks it down into more manageable tasks and helps simple living going from a concept to practical things to do day to day. If you’re not new to simple living you might think yes but I know all this. I found it as a reminder to think ok I know this but how much am I actually doing. Thoughts don’t always turn into actions. If you have fallen out of your simple living ways (we all do at times) this book helps get you back on track and helps you focus on things you can do or change.

Simple Living Books

You could easily read this book without reading her first book. It is a standalone book with its own topics, information and recipes, however it does refer at times back to her first book Down To Earth. I think that actually works really well as it means she has put new material and topics in this book and isn’t just rehashing things she has covered in the past. Instead of publishing all the same recipes and patterns again she points you in the direction of where to locate them and offers new and different ones in this book. I’ve read other books by authors who have done multiple books and often it’s the same information in every book. Another thing I liked was Rhonda refers to modern technologies such as websites and apps to help you in your daily life. You wouldn’t except apps and simple living would go together in the one sentence but Rhonda is moving with the times and is moving the concept of simple living with modern times. We have to face it technology is part of our lives these days, there are plenty of ways it can waste our time but there are also ways in which it can save us time.

If I had to pick a favourite chapter in the book it would the chapter covering crafting as simple living – total surprise right 🙂 It just made me smile and think the gifts that I’m giving are from the heart. There are many areas of simple living and crafting is just one of them.

Oh and my favourite picture in the book is the rolling pin. I really want that rolling pin now, it is just a little bit awesome!


Lady Lizard

Lady Lizard

I found the pattern for this toy in The Big Book of Softies, it is Lizard by Abby Glassenberg.  Instead of doing her in a green colour like the book I turned her into a Lady Lizard and did her in pink tones. She was fairly easy to make. I stitched the top gusset by hand instead of struggling to do it on the machine (I still can’t insert gussets nicely by machine) After I finished her as per the book she sat on my craft table for a couple of weeks as she was missing something, she needed a tongue. If I made her again I would attach a tongue in the front seam like a I did on the green snake. As she was already finished and I didn’t want to rip open any seams I hand stitched the tongue on with a button hole stitch at the base and sides of the tongue. To make it stand out more I backstitched a couple of times up the centre of the tongue base as it lays flat on the toy.

All the fabric and felt for this toy I found in my stash. I don’t normally use multi tone fabrics but in this toy they worked well. A lizard is scaly and has different colours on its body. The fabric tones add like a textured look to the toy and break it up from being a plain toy.


Sunny CAL Week 3

SC - Square 2 Completed

This week I have finished square 2 and have almost finished square 3 (1.5 rows to go) I don’t think I’ve had any dramas this week. My squares after each round are staying like the suggested size by Lucy. I’m using my 3.5mm hook. I’ve gotten the pattern down pat now. It is easy to remember once you do stripes 1 and 2, all you do is 6 stitches (remembering your chaining treble is your first treble) over the vertical stripe of the previous round, do trebles all the way along and when you come to the next vertical stripe from the previous round you do another 6 trebles. I’m referring to the pattern each row to get the number of stitches I need but there is also a trick there. Per round your top and bottom rows have the same amount of stitches and your 2 sides have the same amount of stitches. I’m still double counting my rows each time just in case.

SC - Charts

This week I also sat down and went through Lucy’s blog posts and wrote out all my colour charts for the remaining blocks. Yes it was a little time consuming but with a cuppa tea and some time to kill it didn’t take long.

If you are up to square 5 and 6 you can read Lucy’s posts about them here.

Square 5
SC - Square 5

Row 1 – Spice Row 9 – Bright Pink
Row 2 – Wisteria Row 10 – Turquoise
Row 3 – Violet Row 11 – Lime
Row 4 – Shrimp Row 12 – Plum
Row 5 – Fondant Row 13 – Claret
Row 6 – Meadow Row 14 – Aster
Row 7 – Petrol Row 15 – Sage
Row 8 – Magenta Row 16 – Lip Stick

Square 6
SC - Square 6

Row 1 – Turquoise Row 9 – Meadow
Row 2 – Bright Pink Row 10 – Fondant
Row 3 – Sage Row 11 – Violet
Row 4 – Magenta Row 12 – Spice
Row 5 – Lime Row 13 – Petrol
Row 6 – Plum Row 14 – Shrimp
Row 7 – Wisteria Row 15 – Aster
Row 8 – Lip Stick Row 16 – Claret

So this week I should finish off square 3 and hopefully square 4 so towards the end of the week I can start on square 5. Once I get into the zone I can really get a lot done on these squares.

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Happy Crocheting.