Sunny CAL Yarn Card

Ahead of the Sunny CAL this week I have made myself a yarn card. A yarn card is like a reference tool that you can use to keep track of the names of the yarns your using. To be honest I generally don’t keep yarn labels. The items I make lot numbers aren’t an issue so I don’t need to keep them for future references. The names of various colours can be difficult to remember and that’s when a yarn card comes in handy.

Yarn Card Sunny Log Cabin

To make my yarn card I used a section of an old cardboard drink can box. For the Sunny blanket I’ll be using 18 different colours so I with a hole punch I punched in 18 holes around the card, wrote the various colours next to each hole with a texta and then threaded a snippet of each yarn onto the card. Now at a quick glance I can see the names of each colour.

Yarn Card for Knitting and Crochet Colour Selection

I made one of these last year when I was made the Cosy Stripe Blanket. For that blanket I had my row colours repeating in the same order each time so when I made my card I put the yarn on the card in the order I wanted and drew an arrow to remind me which direction I was following. It made life so much easier, as when I finished a row and returned the yarn back to the bag I was keeping them in I could see which colour I needed to pick next due to the card. As I wasn’t reliant on the colour names and didn’t need to write them out I only used a business card.



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