Fabulous Fabrics Basic and Advanced April Workshops

Do you know when you see an item/idea/concept and you can’t stop thinking about it. You don’t become obsessed but you just keep pondering it in your head. That’s how I’ve been this week.

FF Registration

Last weekend at the Stitch craft show I saw Anne from Genesis Creations demonstrate her Liquid Radiance fabric dyes. They are a non toxic dye that you can use on any fabric. They appear to be less messy to use than regular dyes as you only use a small amount as they are very concentrated. I really enjoyed the workshop Anne did. I haven’t done much fabric dying as to be honest it never has really interested me except for the calico I did in pink, blue and purple. I purchased a couple of bottles of Liquid Radiance with the aim trying them out. I picked up an information pack that had a brochure in it for some workshops Anne will be doing in Sydney in April. Anne use a lot of every day items you have in your house to dye the fabrics with, because the dyes are non toxic you can continue to use the items as per normal and don’t need special equipment. During the workshops she will be teaching all the techniques. There are 2 workshops a basic and an advanced(you need to do the basic workshop before you do the advanced) After thinking about them a lot and loving the idea of creating my own fabric designs using every day items around my house I’ve gone ahead and registered for the 2 days. I’m really looking forward to these workshops. They look fun and are very hands on. The small list of requirements for them indicate they will be interesting. I’m hoping to learn and lot and use what I learn in my future gift making. They will be held mid April so I have a short time to wait. If I get the time and the confidence I may have a small go and trying the dyes I’ve purchased.


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