Sunny CAL 2016 Starts Next Week

I can’t believe it is almost March and time to start the Sunny CAL.

Sunny CAL

If you have missed my previous post I’m going to make the Sunny Log Cabin blanket by Lucy from Attic 24. I have never done anything like this blanket before so it will be an interesting challenge. I have never made Granny Squares with a centre circle. Normally before starting a blanket like this I have would have a practice but this year life has been a little busy and I have spent so much time working on my Pamuke blanket that I haven’t had a chance to play around. That’s ok that just adds to the fun of this blanket. Lucy made her blanket over a couple of months. I’m hoping to do that too but my blanket may take longer as I’m making it between working full time plus my keeping on track with my gifts for 2016.

Anyone who would like to join me on this blanket journey is welcome too. Please share your progress in the comments. If you are on Instagram please tag me in your photos @stitchnsew or use the #sunnycal2016. If you’re not on Instagram but would like to share a photo leave a comment and I will email you. To be honest people this is the first time I have ever done a crochet along and I don’t know how many of you will join me but even if it is no one does I don’t mind as I’ll still be doing this blanket anyway and sharing my progress along the way 🙂

Edited later in the afternoon to explain things a bit more…

So basically last year Lucy ran a CAL to make this blanket on her blog. Each week she did a blog post on her progress and suggested colours to use for each row of the blocks which form the blanket. I’m starting this blanket on Tuesday 1st March and will do a blog post about my plans for the week and links back to useful information on Lucy’s blog. Every Sunday I will blog about my progress and provide links back to the relevant posts on Lucy’s blog. As I get to the different stages I’ll post the links from Lucy’s blog to joining the squares and finally the border.  Depending on how much I get done some weeks I may get behind but I’m hoping I can roughly follow the time schedule Lucy had to complete it.



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