“Stitch Castle Hill” 2016

Stitch Castle Hill held by Craft Alive returned for its second year. Last year’s show was a lot of fun, this year I think it was bigger than last year which was good to see.


This year I pre-purchased my ticket online saving $5 and printed it off before I went. I highly recommend you do that as you don’t need to specify which date you are going (it goes for 3 days) I would however suggest that you double check or even triple check that you have the actual ticket. I picked up the wrong piece of paper and instead had the email which contained details about my “Aussie Swag Bag Swap” partner, thanks to the magic of mobile phones I was able to access my email and show them when I got there my receipt number.  Once again this year there were lots of stalls mostly selling quilting fabrics but there were some needlework and even a yarn store. The café was back again this year. This year I even saw a display by Koala Sewing which is the company I got my chair from (I’m still loving my chair) It seemed to almost be a mini Sewing Guild meet up as I bumped into 4 other ladies from my sewing group throughout the day.

Stitch Castle Hill 16

This year the workshops were set out better than last year. I attended one where Anne from Genesis Creations demonstrated dying fabric liquid radiance which is a non toxic dye that you can use on any fabric. She made patterns on the fabric just by using items found in your house and pantry. It was a fantastic workshop to watch and see. As you do at these things I did a bit of shopping. I got a yarn spindle which I have wanted for a long time, some hardware to finish the clock toy that’s still a work in progress. I accidentally brought a blue lace zipper only for the fact it was a Blue lace zipper, will have to look for idea to use that. I also brought a zipper pouch pattern that wasn’t on my shopping list but will come in handy for gift making. I wanted to get some of the liquid radiance dye but couldn’t justify buying the packs they had on offer. I’ve dyed my own fabric in the past and enjoyed it so decided to purchase a couple of small bottles in colours I will use a lot (pink and purple) and a dvd explaining all the techniques. I will experiment around with these to see how I go.

I hope Stitch returns again in 2017. Judging by its popularity this year I believe it will.


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