Mermaid Tail

This is the first of many for this year

Mermaid Tail

This pattern Mermaid Tail Blanket By Anna Banana I found on Craftsy. I actually brought 2 mermaid tail blankets on Craftsy but this one I found more straight forward. The pattern is super easy to follow. By chance I made this in the same colour combination as demonstrated in the pattern tutorial. Pure coincidence but when your making for a young girl an obvious choice. This one if for a tall 6 year old. It will be a little big for her but I wanted something she could get a few years out of. You actually lay in them like a sleeping bag so your entire lower body is snuggled inside them. They aren’t very restrictive so you can still wiggle your legs in them. This one is made from polar fleece but you could use minky, flannelette or for a summer one cotton.


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