Sew Box February 16

The February Sew Box was released yesterday so today I can share what is in it. This month theme is Relax and Unwind

SB Feb 16

This month the box contains

  • 1.8m Pink Lily Rayon fabric
  • 5m Elastic
  • Adhesive Fabric Bond tape
  • Grey cording
  • Layer Me Shirt Pattern by Patterns for Pirates
  • Lazy Days Pattern by Sew Boxes
  • Crafty Stacker Storage Container
  • Frixon Erasable Pen
  • Elastic Threader Bodkin Set
  • Bronze and Silver bead pack
  • Wooden Beads in Natural and Pink
  • Discount Knit Fabric Voucher by Zebra Fabrics

This was an interesting box for me. I have never worked with rayon before, I always thought rayon was synthetic but doing some research I can see it is made from wood pulp. The piece of rayon from this box will allow to me give it a try out and see if I’m comfortable with it. All the notions in from this box will be added to my stash to be used when I need them. You can never have enough elastic or beads. I love my frixon pens but this one will be going to new home. The sewing patterns look good. I want to make t-shirts so now I have a shirt pattern. I have never made pants before but these look comfy.







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