Pamuke Halfway

Pamuke Halfway

Judging by how many rows I’m getting per ball this week I think I have reached the halfway point of my Pamuke blanket. I’m getting 6 stripes (a row back and forth) per ball. I’ve decided I will use 5 balls of each colour on the stripes and leave 1 ball of each colour for the border. I do have a little left over from each ball I’m not sure if I will join those together to make rows or if I will add those into the border. I’ve never joined yarn mid row before so will have to look at the best way possible to do it. I have a rough idea of how it big it will be without borders so I guess I will wait until I finish the 5 main balls of each colour to decide how to use the leftovers. I know the blanket won’t be as big as I hoped it would (to fit an entire queen or king bed) but it will be large enough to use as throw.


4 thoughts on “Pamuke Halfway

    • It is approximately 65″ long, I haven’t measured it on the bed only folded in half on the ironing board. It will get even larger than that with the borders on it

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