Soccer Balls

I thought the Soccer Stars need a ball to go with them (or how else would they play)

Soccer Balls

These are a mini version of the pentagon balls I’ve made previously. As you can see they are only about 2″ in diameter. They are done using the English Paper Piecing method. The paper templates I created on the computer in Word by using the inbuilt drawing tools shapes. I drew a couple of size pentagons on the page and it printed it on scrap paper. I decided a size I liked then copied the shape 12 times per ball. I use scrap paper I save from work. Scrap paper is good in a project like that as you’re not having to see through the paper.

Stuffing Injury

I did have a small issue after I made these. As the stuffing gap was so tiny I used my pinky finger to stuff these. I do have proper stuffing tools but I just used my finger as it was um handy…. Bad idea I sprained my pinky finger. I must admit I did stuff these really tightly and pushed the stuffing into all angles . I had to strap my fingers for 2 days and was on craft restrictions for most of the week. Lesson learnt always use a stuffing tool.


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