Soccer Stars

SS Together

This year I know a couple of soccer (football) mad fans so for their birthday this year I wanted to make them something special.

SS Spurs Front

These pair are based on the Superhero pattern by Dolls and Daydreams I’ve just adapted it to be soccer players. This first little guy is a Tottenham Hotspur player. To be honest I had to Google what the uniform looked like. He has navy shorts, a white jersey which I had embroidered navy stripes on and of course soccer boots on.

SS Spurs Back

On the back I hand embroidered Spurs just in case there was any doubts of who he was.

SS Wanderer

This second little guy is Western Sydney Wanderers player. I know what this uniform looks like. For his jersey I couldn’t find any black and red stripe fabric in my stash so I made my own. I cut strips about 1″ wide and pieced them together. It was pretty quick to do and it overcame the problem. He has black shorts and his black boots. He didn’t need any embroidery on his uniform as he is pretty distinctive.

SS Facial Hair

He is a little unique as if you look closely he has a feint 5 O’clock shadow. Some of the black felt hair and threads from the black strip has shown through the face fabric giving the appearance of a facial hair.  I could claim this to be intent but it is pure accident.

I love these guys. I wanted to make a toy that suited each child and I have. I did buy the felt for the hair but all the other fabric came from my stash. Toys are a great way to use up fabric from your scrap stash as often you only need small amounts of fabric for their pieces. The Dolls and Daydream pattern was a great base to work from. You could use this pattern to make a toy for any child or adult just by adapting the fabrics. I hope the boys like them.



2 thoughts on “Soccer Stars

  1. Gosh the soccer players are cute Cassiy! Sam loves his Spurs player (he has called him Sam…. very original lol!) and takes him to bed, and in the car, and to Nana and Grandad’s house… such a gorgeous gift thank you 🙂 xx

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