Pamuke Blanket Begins

This is the start of my Pamuke blanket. Pamuke isn’t a fancy pattern name, it is the combined name of the people whom I’m making the blanket for (you know how celebrity couples are given a combined name) I wanted an easy name when referring to this blanket.

Pamuke Begins

I’m making this as a wedding present. I’m using Lucy’s from Attic24  Granny Stripe pattern but I’ve made it longer. I found this blog post from Easy Crochet Pattern which lists the starting chains needed for various size blankets. A Granny Stripe might sound boring  or plain for a blanket so significant as a wedding present but I wanted a blanket they could use everyday and be practical. A blanket that could be thrown on the back of the couch and used when watching movies or could be thrown over someone if they fall asleep and you don’t want to wake them. I’m using Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply Classic 100% wool again as it is machine washable, the colours are Tasman Blue and Magnolia. I wanted to make it in the colours of their favourite Rugby League team (Canterbury Bulldogs) At first when the yarn arrived I must admit I thought I had chosen the incorrect colours as I was after a deep royal blue and a white whereas these a more a muted blue and a cream. After working up a row or 2 my mind changed and I really like them. They are more sophisticated and better suited to a wedding blanket.

Crochet Roulette

I’ve never done a 2 tone Granny Stripe before and I wasn’t sure how many rows I would get out of each 200g ball. I lost crochet roulette but it gave me and indication of how many rows I will get. I’m hoping to get as much of this blanket done before Sunny CAL starts March 1st.



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