Knit One Below Dishcloth

I have a gift I want to make this year but it involved a stitch I’d never tried before Knit One Below (K1B) I can only do basic knit and purl so I had to learn this new stitch. Thanks to Pinterest and YouTube I found this clip which explains it. Once it is explained it is actually very easy. Instead of placing your working needle (the needle the stitch is going onto) into the stitch as you normally would do, you place your working needle into the stitch below and knit the stitch dropping both stitches as it passes onto the working needle. Watch the clip it explains it a lot better than I do 🙂 After a couple of minutes of practice I got the hang of it.

Knit One Below Stitch Dishcloth

I decided to test out the pattern I’ll be using and make a dishcloth from it. It was easy enough to do and I like the texture of it. I can’t just knit something unless it is going to be used so dishcloths are great to practice new stitches and patterns on. If the stitch isn’t perfect it doesn’t matter as the cloth will still clean your dishes regardless and really you can’t have too many dishcloths.


2 thoughts on “Knit One Below Dishcloth

    • That is so true they are the perfect size. It is good to make a swatch to test out the new stitch but what do you do with the swatch afterwards? Dishcloths are a practical item.

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