Unhappy No More

Unhappy Pony

Last year I made pony but I wasn’t happy with her look. Pony is toy from Fun at the Fair by Melly and Me. I still can’t really explain why I didn’t like her original look when I made her, maybe it was the fluro buttons. I just don’t think they were the right size for her legs. Also they were the wrong colour, just too bright for her more muted colours. At the time I took off her legs and then she just sat in a box unfinished.

Unhappy No More

Recently I decided to get in and complete her. I appliqued her eyes on and gave her some lipstick (lipstitch) I attached her legs again this time using dental floss. Dental floss is good for attaching limbs as it is a stronger than regular cotton.  To me she looks better now. I think the fabrics were so busy and bold that her features needed to be simple.

She is off to a new adventure now. I hope someone likes her



7 thoughts on “Unhappy No More

  1. That happens to me too. I’ll make something and not be happy with it. I also find if you put it down and leave it a while before coming back, sometimes you are able to change it for the better. Sometimes it still doesn’t help though!

    • So true sometimes you just need to walk away from an item for while. You come back with fresher ideas after a break from it, however as you mentioned sometimes even a break doesn’t help the situation much.

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