Colour Me Happy Skirt

Don’t you just love it when you develop an idea in your head and the idea actually works!

Colour My Skirt

I needed to make a gift for an 8 year old who recently told me she liked doing craft and her favourite colour was purple. From the preview of the January Sew Box I anticipated the box contained an activity that kids could do (it is the long Summer holiday school break in Australia) and possibly would have some fabric that kids could colour in themselves. I was hoping from the box I could create the child’s gift as I hadn’t really thought up a plan b. My mind started ticking of the items I could make – pencil cases, aprons, bags. I finally decided upon a skirt. In my mind I planned a simple rectangle / tube skirt with an elastic waist. I found this size chart on Pinterest from Whipstitch Modern Sewing was useful. It has a link to a tutorial on how to make a 20 minute skirt. I read the tutorial but forgot to refer back to it when it came to sewing, resulting in me having to do my elastic differently. I made my elastic casing before I stitched my seam to make the tube shape.  Thinking back now this was the way I did it when I made the Mikayla skirt. Next time I however I will do the side seam first then fold back the casing. Like when I made the skirts before I stitched across the casing on the opposite side from the seam to stop the elastic from rolling.

Colour My Hem

For the hem I decided to do a rolled hem. It looked really nice however I thought it didn’t really suit the skirt so I folded it under about a ¼” or so and top stitched it in place. This was a much better idea as it left a nice neat finish to the hem and meant I didn’t loose much length. Normally I do a double folded hem and loose about 1″ of fabric, also this simple hem wasn’t as bulky as the double fold hem. I’ll be doing this style of them again.

Bell Tent

I love this fabric panel it has so many images, I even found what looks like a Girl Guide bell tent! I did Girl Guides with the child’s mum and the child is now doing Guides herself so when I saw this it made me smile. The purple fabric was some that I found in my stash and is perfect. It ticks the purple box and the other colours on it are the same as the fabric markers (from the Jan Sew Box) that I will put with the gift. I think the purple panel at the top and bottom really frames the skirt.

The child is the oldest of 4 including 2 younger sisters so I was wanting to make her a gift that is a little older than her siblings had so she could feel that little bit older than them. Colouring in this skirt is something she can do on her own in her room or whilst the younger kids are sleeping. When she is finished with the help from her mum she can iron the skirt to set the fabric markers.



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