Melly and Me Splurge

I know this year I’m focusing on sewing what I have in my current stash before going out and buying more fabric unnecessarily but when I got the opportunity to buy some Melly and Me Stretch Knit fabric I jumped on the chance.

Melly and Me Stretch Knit

If you have read any of my toy posts  you will know that I am a big Melly and Me fan and have made many of her toys. Only just recently I used some of her fabric to make a taggie as a Christmas gift. By chance earlier this week as I was flicking through Facebook I read Melly was doing a clean out of her studio and was putting some items for sale in her store including bolt ends of knits. I was lucky enough to get all the knits she had left. I’m not normally a fabric hog but I couldn’t resist snapping up all she had on offer. I have wanted this stretch knit for so long. In total there is over 6m of fabric. The large piece at the bottom is one large 3m piece, the 4 on top range in size but add up to 3m or so. The fabric is a cotton knit and is so soft. At home I live in pyjama bottoms in both summer and winter so I can see myself making them with these. I don’t care if I have patchwork pj bottoms they will be comfy.



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