Dead Sewing Needles

Broken Needle

Unfortunately we all break sewing needles from time to time (on some projects we go through multiple needles) plus we’re told to regularly change our needles but how do you dispose of them? I personally don’t like to just toss the needle in the regular bin as it is, particularly broken needles. You have the chance that they can stab someone, fall out of the bin or even rip the bin. I struggled to know how to safely toss them. I’ve wrapped them in tissues and fabric, put them old drink cans. At one stage I was putting them in an old needle packet but then got confused as to which was my fresh needles and which was my used.

Sharps Disposal

One day I happened to be holding an empty medication bottle and I realised in my hand was a little canister that perfect for dead sewing needles. Medication bottles are the perfect size. They are small enough that you can easily place them by your sewing machine to have them on standby yet they are big enough to store a large number of broken or used needles. The opening at the top of the bottle allows you to easily place the needle in, it isn’t fiddly. With a screw top lid they are secure if you knock them over. If you have little people or pets around you can use bottles with child proof lids. When you are ready you can toss the entire bottle in the bin and it isn’t going to hurt anyone or rip anything. I always keep a couple of bottles on by my sewing machine now.

How do you dispose of your old sewing needles?



6 thoughts on “Dead Sewing Needles

  1. That’s a great idea! I hate to just throw stuff like that straight in the bin too. I usually wrap things up and secure with tape, or put into whatever container I find in the bin. I hate the idea that someone or even an animal could be unnecessarily hurt by my waste.

    • Don’t worry we have all been guilty of just tossing them 🙂 I hope this suggestions is helpful. Sometimes the most obvious solutions are looking at you right in the face.

    • The tiny bottles would be perfect for old knife blades. I don’t use a lot of blades but I can see how they could do a lot of damage if someone or something cut themselves on them.

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