Let It Go

I find it hard to let go of projects even though I know realistically I will never get them finished or if the idea in my head hasn’t worked out when I’ve tried to create it. To clear my space for projects that I will actually finish or that will actually work I’m doing a clear out.

Cozy Afternoon

I had planned to do the Cozy Afternoon Block of the Month I was going do each one as a stitchery and make it into a quilt at the end. I started block 1 and almost completed it but unfortunately that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I’ll finish this block off and turn it into a mug rug but that’s as far as I’m going on this project. I have the Winter Secrets block by block stitchery that will be turned into a quilt which I have started which I’m going to concentrate on more this year instead so Cozy Afternoon goes.

Failed Cushions

These were going to be patch work cushions made from mum’s pj’s with my nieces names embellished on them with ric rac. To be honest these look ugly and hadn’t worked out like I had hoped. I’m going to ditch them. I still have plenty of fabric left from all the pj’s so I can make other items. If I am going to use this fabric then I want the item to look nice


This item I’m debating about letting go or not. I was trying to design a clock soft toy where you could move the handles to change the time. It was going to be like a pillow. When I attached the clock hands I couldn’t get both to move freely. It has to be possible so I may keep on to this for a little longer to see if I can the right way to attach them hands. The idea is still really strong in my head and I do have child in mind who could get this as a present.

Ok so I thought I would have more projects to toss out but I only found 2. Oh well at least that is a start. If I unearth anymore throughout the year (I’m searching my brain and can’t think of anymore off hand) I will have a serious look at them and decide to stay or go.



3 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. I am hopeless for starting and not finishing projects. I have incomplete embroideries, card projects, collages, furniture-that-needs-painting and all sorts of stuff. You’re not alone 🙂

    • Haha that is good to know I’m not the only one 🙂 Sounds like you have some interesting projects there. Sometimes half the fun is starting something new and trying something different

      • Yes! Sometimes it’s a bit horrifying to find an old project you started years ago, too! Although you can see how far you’ve progressed in skill… 🙂

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