2016 Plans

In 2016 I have a lot of crafty plans


As in previous years I’m going to continue making all my gifts so I have lots of sewing and knitting planned. I have put some thought into this and have decided to do things a little differently than in previous years. I’m going to keep Christmas gifts very simple. If possible I’m going to make the same gift for every child in the family. At Christmas kids are getting so many gifts from Santa, their parents, family, friends that it can be very overwhelming for them, I think one or maybe two simpler gifts is better. By making the same gift for all the kids I can also do batch sewing a bit more and organise my sewing time better. For their birthdays I’ll focus on the individual child more and do things to their interest or personality. I can make them more complicated gifts. I’ve written my list of whom I’m making for both Christmas and birthdays. I’ve noted down what I’d like to make each person. There are a few gaps on my list but for the majority of gifts I know what I need and to make and by when.

Polar Fleece

I’m going to continue working through my fabric stash where possible. Some of the gifts on my 2016 lists needed special fabric or large quantities and I was lucky to get most of the fabric required discounted in the post Christmas sales. Now it is on hand I can start to make Christmas gifts throughout the year. For the rest of my gifts I should have the fabric already within my stash or I can adapt fabric in my stash to suit so Sew My Stash 2015 has turned into Sew My Stash 2016.

Craft Gadgets

In 2015 I didn’t get to my craft gadgets but this year that will change. I’m going to spend the necessary time trying to work them out. I think mostly it will be a matter of watching as many Youtube clips so I can pick up pointers then getting out the machine / gadget reading all instructions and having a play. I tend to freak out if I don’t understand how to operate or use an item. I have to stop, take a breath and realise you can’t just master something without first practicing. This year they will not beat me.

Sunny CAL

In March I will be starting Sunny CAL 2016 where I will start the Sunny Log Cabin blanket by Lucy from Attic 24. This is going to be a big challenge for me as I have never attempted any crochet project like this. I’m not how long this will take me but I’m going to do it (even if I’m still blogging about each week leading up to Christmas) If you would like to join me in making this I’d love to have your company.

I’m going to openly be a little more indulgent this year and internally plan on making myself some items. I did do a little selfish sewing in 2015 with bags and skirts but they happened on almost a whim. This year I wish to make myself among other things a sewing machine cover for my MC11000, a top and a tiny essentials tote.

Day 1


One of my biggest plans is to get more organised. I’m not talking about just writing a list I mean sorting out my sewing spaces and being able to find things without having to move stacks of stuff from my ironing board just to use it. I’m known to misplace my rotary cutter 2 minutes after using it. Anything I’m unable to use, not going to use or don’t need I’m going to get rid of. In my life “outside” craft I’m doing a lot of decluttering and sorting out so I’m bringing that into my “craft life” too. It’s all within the same space within my house so it makes sense. I also want to stocktake what items and patterns I have so I don’t purchase the same one twice.

Alpaca Yarn

I need to stop buying things on a whim particularly yarn. I’m guilty of seeing something, feeling it thinking wow that would look so nice as… Truth is I’m unlikely to knit it or in the case of craft items use it. By now I realistically know what types of craft I do and what products I use. Unless I know the particular project I’m going to use an item for and the timeframe that it will be made in I’m not going to buy it. This includes magazines and books.

These aren’t New Years Resolutions as I’m a big believer of why waiting until Jan 1 to start a new way of thinking or behaviour. The truth is over the Christmas period I’ve already started to tidy some of my craft areas due to some recent storage I’ve gotten, these are just my main plans for 2016.

Has anyone else made craft plans for 2016? I would love to hear what they are.




4 thoughts on “2016 Plans

  1. I love how you make all of your gifts and can use your hobbies in a thoughtful way. I have two crochet rugs to see me through to May and a baby jumper I am knitting to finish. Then I would like to use my wool stash to make some items for the Operation Shoebox boxes for Christmas. I would also like to finish clearing the study and sorting my sewing area and fabric stash to make some tops for work and some long shorts or 3/4 pants for my trip to Hawaii in May. As I approach retirement I am hoping to do more and pick up skills which seem long forgotten.

    • Thank you. Your knitting and crochet projects sound lovely, they are easiest projects to finish as you can pick up and do a row whenever you get 5 minutes to spare. I hope you get a chance to sit at your sewing machine and finish your clothing particularly your items for Hawaii. I’m sure as you start to ease into your retirement you will have the time to pick up the skills which you are wishing to do, I can’t imagine you ever slowing down so I’m sure you will always have something on the go

  2. That bias tape tool looks amazing! I hope it works well for you. I have one of those hand held metal pieces but I haven’t quite figured out how to use it…maybe I’ll join you in using tools like that more often! Have fun, can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming up.

    • From what I hear that bias tape maker works a treat – it helps if you get it out of the box 😉 They are no longer available in Australia so I’m lucky to have gotten it when I did. I struggle with those hand bias tape makers too. I hope you do get a chance to use all the tools and gadgets lurking in your stash. Happy Sewing 🙂

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