Christmas Skirt

Now that my 2015 gifts are done I decided to do make myself a Christmas Skirt.

A+ Christmas Skirt Front

Normally I wouldn’t dress Christmassy. At work I wear a Santa hat sometimes but it is very hot. Christmas day I throw on what ever is clean and wear that. This year when I received the December Sew Box I got some Christmas fabric that I didn’t know how I would use as I don’t decorate for Christmas but it was too nice to just give away, with a little thought I decided this might look nice as a skirt. I made the same A+ Skirt pattern that I made earlier this year (this is skirt number 4) I remembered to cut the fabric the right direction. The panels on the front don’t pattern match but I’m not worried, this isn’t the Great British Sewing Bee and Patrick isn’t going to judge it. I wear tops that cover the top panel anyway.

A+ Christmas Skirt Back

I didn’t have enough for the entire skirt so the back is another piece of fabric that I got in the June Sew Box. In air con I can wear corduroy in summer. Its only a small skirt so you don’t get too hot. Because they aren’t the same fabrics on both sides the skirt doesn’t drape like the other skirts I’ve made it looks more pointy at the bottom. It doesn’t stand out too much. I personally don’t care, the fabric isn’t green so I don’t look like a Christmas tree in it. I had to redo my side seam where the zipper sits as my first attempt wasn’t wide enough. My second attempt allowed me to put the zipper in easily and this ended up being one of my better zippers. I did have a little trouble as I must’ve cut the top panel too big and the waistline doesn’t match up on one side. It is a little bit higher. Now technically I should’ve trimmed it down but I noticed it too late. For something I’m only go to wear a handful of times a year and will be covered up anyway I’m not going to bother with. It zips and I placed the hook and eye closure in line so they close nicely that’s all that is important.

I’m really proud of this skirt. I thought outside the box (the sew box haha) and came up with a wearable skirt from fabric and supplies I had on hand. Even the zipper used in this skirt came from the December Sew Box. It was an 8″ and even though the pattern says to use a 7″ it still worked. It matches in with the colours too.



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