Pin Cushion Design

Pin cushions are such practical items but I have never really thought about the design of them.

Pin Cushion Design

I received this pin cushion in the Bee Still My Heart swap earlier this year. It is a wonderful pin cushion as it is big and heavy. Up until now I have only used it as a weight as I tend to have my regular pins on a small pin cushion. This morning I was using my special dress making pins (I keep them in a box separate to my every day pins) I decided to use my new pin cushion to hold them. For what I am making I need to cutting out multiples of the same pattern pieces. I discovered the four patch design of this pin cushion was perfect as I could keep my pins in order per pattern piece. I’m not sure if the person making this meant it to be used that way but it got me thinking of how practical it was to have different segments on the pin cushion. In the past I have seen people divide pin cushions into segments and write the different types of machine sewing needles on them (jeans, metallic, quilting) but for regular sewing this could be very useful too. When you are pinning the same pattern piece over and over you use the same amount of pins, why not keep them separate then you know that you have pinned it securely enough.



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