Charity Shower Mitts

To add into Christmas Hampers my work is doing this year I have done some more shower mitts.

Shower Mitt Exfoliator

This year I didn’t follow a pattern but had a play around with crocheting a dual sided shower mitt. One side of the mitt is made from 100% cotton yarn. The other side is made from ribbon gauze yarn (think coat hanger covers). I thought this way you could use it for a regular wash but if you wanted to exfoliate your skin your could use it as well. I was working on these at a Knitters Guild meeting on the day someone had donated a large supply of yarn, by chance amongst the lot was a bag of ready made flowers made from the ribbon gauze. These were perfect to add as a little embellishment to the shower mitt.

I will be making these again. They were very simple to make up. At the moment I don’t have a pattern as such for them I just made up the size as I went along but I’m hoping in 2016 to do a tutorial on them.


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