I have made a pair of sibling Meerkats for a pair of siblings this Christmas.

Sibling Meerkats

Once again I used this Dolls and Daydreams pattern. Last year when I made it I used cottons but this year I used a mixture of cotton and felt fabric. All his facial features, ears and limbs are done in wool felt with only the torso area in cotton. This was the first time I have really sewn with felt. In the past I have only used felt on facial features or hair but I have never done limbs with it. It was thicker to sew through than regular cottons particularly when I was sewing the over all toy together, on the head you were going through multiple lays over the ears and muzzle areas. When it came to stuffing the limbs the felt held its shape really well, it was easy to stuff and ladder stitch the opening gaps closed. I’ll have to try stitching with felt again.

I am really happy how these toys have turned out. They are a fun toy that you can make for any child no matter the gender. Same basic pattern but just by changing the torso you can make it for both a little girl and boy. I made these both at the same time and they didn’t take long at all.


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