One Thimble First Time Reader

One Thimble is sewing e-zine that I had previously heard of but only just recently read. If you have never heard of an e-zine it is basically a magazine that is published electronically online. You can’t buy it in stores like a regular magazine. You download it to read on your computer or tablet. One Thimble is an e-zine that you can print out if you wish as it is a PDF document. I’ve seen some e-zines that you can’t print and sometimes you just really need that physical piece of paper in your hands for an article or tutorial.

Cover One Thimble Issue 9

The current issue that was released last week was the first issue I have ever read. First impression was I loved the layout of the magazine.  The pages are bright and clear. There is a mixture of text, photos and diagrams. Its is full of sewing tutorials, articles, hints and tips which I love. The contributors and designers to the magazine are small businesses. The advertisers are small businesses. It is a very independent feeling magazine which gives it is this really interesting charm. It doesn’t feel like a company pushing its product down your throat to buy which to be honest some craft and sewing mags currently feel like.  It is a very refreshing magazine to read. It feels modern and it is modern.

Each month you a get full size PDF patterns to sew a variety of items. The step by step tutorials that come with each pattern are very clear and easy to read. The patterns all come with a cottage licence which means you make items using the patterns to sell online or at markets. The choice of patterns is well mixed with kids clothing, adult clothing, toys and accessories. From each issue you could make so many items for the various people in your house. Some of the patterns have multi sizes so can make for adults and kids such as the headband from this months issue. This month you get 14 patterns, with most PDF patterns costing $7-$12 your getting your moneys worth for the $25 price. If you get either a 6 month (2 issues) or 12 month (4 issues) subscription you are saving even more money.

Cover collage

The current issue is number 9. I’m slowly going to get all the back issues (I’ve gotten one back issue so far) as I wished I had taken more notice of this magazine when I had seen snippets of it on Facebook and Instagram. I will admit that this month I’m in a small article in the magazine, however, had I had not been in the magazine I’d still be screaming how much of a fantastic read it is. If are able to get a copy download it and grab a cuppa cause it is a great read. Now the long wait is on until February for the next issue!

I will add please be aware of copyright. Like all online patterns and things you buy you can’t share it online with your friends. If a friend wants the magazine or a pattern they are going to have to invest in their own copy but it is well worth it.




3 thoughts on “One Thimble First Time Reader

  1. How exciting! What’s your article title? I have only recently heard of this magazine. I’m glad you reminded me to take a closer look. Each issue looks like a craft book! 🙂

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