Janome MC11000 Automatic Needle Down Button

I never knew that you could get your sewing machine to automatically stop with the needle in the fabric when you took your foot of the pedal. Earlier this year I learnt this in a Deborah Louie class I attended.

MC11000 Screen

When I got home I decided to see if I had this function on my MC11000. Looking at the manual I couldn’t find the information anywhere so I had a play around looking at my machine. On the main screen I noticed some images to the bottom of the screen.

Mc11000 Needle Up

Looking closer I noticed a image of a needle in the raised position. I pressed on the button and the image changed to the needle being lower. I stitched a few stitched and realised this was the automatic needle down button.

MC11000 Needle Down

Now that I have discovered this function I use it all the time. It is perfect when you have to pivot fabric as you know the needle is going to be down in the spot you want and you don’t need to place the needle down with the hand wheel or needle down button. When doing free motion quilting you are able to stop and reposition your hands without the quilt moving. If you start stitching and have forgotten to set this function you can easily stop stitching and press the button, when you next stop stitching the needle will stop automatically down in the fabric.

This is another reason why I like going to classes or group, you pick up other really handy bits of information and tips that you can use in your every day sewing.

8 thoughts on “Janome MC11000 Automatic Needle Down Button

  1. Most modern computerised machines have this function and if available will always be mentioned in the manual somewhere.

    For the 11000 it’s on page 26 of the online manual under Functions Keys – the manual is here – http://janome.com/siteassets/support/manuals/embroidery-models/inst-book-mc11000-special-edition-english.pdf I always find it useful to have an online or pdf version as it’s so easy to search for things.

    This function is one of the functions I love on my 1992 Elna Diva and my Janome 15000. Like you I always have it on – except for very rare occasions. It just makes stopping for a rest so much more relaxing. :0)

    • Sam, thanks for the link. I think the Janome site is a little busy at the moment but I will look after it it I also tried the main Janome site and it is taking a long time to load.
      The function is one of my favourites at the moment. You are so right it is peace of mind having it on that you can stop at any time and your fabric won’t move from the spot you want it in.

  2. Thank you so much for this info on the manual. I still have my Janome 11,000 sewing machine and just bought the Baby Lock Destiny 2 which I am trying to take lessons. What a machine it is. And, I have never used the embroidery on my 11,000—how sad is that? Now, that I will have a manual, I may use both. You can’t get much for the machine if you sell it and it really hasn’t been used much since I bought it as we traveled 9 months out of the year every year. Again, thank you for the manual info.

    • Vicki – You’re welcome I am glad it was helpful. I must admit I haven’t been using the embroidery section as much as I should, hopefully you give yours a try. Safe travels

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