Scrappy Penny

Scrappy Penny

I’ve made another Penny Patchwork doll

Scrappy Penny Dress

This time I did her a little different to when I made the other 2. Her dress this time is made from strips of fabric instead of squares. This is some of the fabric that I received in a Facebook scrap stash swap earlier this year. There were lots of pink shaded rectangles so I used them as strips to form both sides of the dress.

Scrappy Penny Boots

Her pink socks or “GoGo” boots as the pattern calls them are another piece of scrap fabric I had in my stash. Previously I used the same fabric to make the body of Lollyfly and in Tooth Fairy pillows. In all projects the fabric was perfect for the situation. I love how this shows that fabric can be used for all different things and that you don’t have to limit yourself to only using fabric for one project or in one way. Originally this fabric was a boarder panel that I cut off a larger piece of fabric.

Scrappy Penny Hair

On her hair I used some chenille yarn. This made her hair a bit thicker and softer. I attempted a loopy fringe. I used the same technique as I did previously wrapping the yarn around an object (I used my cutting ruler this time) then sliding the yarn off and sewing it between freezer paper. Once it was stitched I removed the freezer paper and hand stitched the wig into place.

I really like Scrappy Penny. She came from my scrap stash but looks so stylish. With a bit of thinking its amazing what you can do with your scraps.


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