Pedal Free

Confession I was having a lazy day yesterday…. I was sewing repetitive lines on an item yesterday. This is awful to say but I was bored holding my foot down on the pedal, yes maybe this meant I shouldn’t have actually been sewing but my gifts need to be done.

Pedal Free

On my MC 11000 machine I have the option of foot pedal free sewing by operating the machine by pressing the Start/Stop button. I’ve only ever pressed this button when doing machine embroidery but never during regular sewing. I decided to give it a go. The first thing I discovered is that it won’t work with the foot pedal plugged in, if you press start your prompted to disconnect the pedal if its connected. When you start sewing the first stitch or two is a bit slower than it resumes your normal speed. With what I was making it didn’t matter where my stitch lines finished. If you had to be very precise you could press stop near where you wish your stitching to end then press the needle up and down button to get to the exact spot. If your sewing with a decorative stitch when you press stop the needle position doesn’t go back to the centre to start the stitch at the beginning it remains in place so when you press start again it continues with the pattern. If your halfway through a swirl or shape it continues on doing that part of the shape even if you have shifted the fabric. With what I was making this wasn’t really an issue. I didn’t try it but I wonder if you press the back stitch button it would anchor the stitch and the needle return to the centre position like it does when you press the button during a decorative stitch with the foot pedal connected.

In regular sewing I don’t see myself going pedal free very often however I think it would be really useful if you at ever couldn’t use your foot to operate the pedal. I’m lucky I operate my machine with both feet (it seems except if I’m tired) Or you could use it if having the foot pedal on the floor is dangerous due to small children or pets. Online I hear a lot stories of animals falling asleep on foot pedals and scaring the owners. It’s always good to know all the options available to you on your machine.


6 thoughts on “Pedal Free

  1. I love my pedal free option!!! The only time I plug my pedal in is to wind my bobbin. I get so frustrated when I have to use the pedal on my overlocker.

  2. My grandson pushed my pedal down one time I was preparing to sew. Scared me silly. I thought my machine was sick. Mine is a Janome 9000. I had used the pedal free before & knew I had to unplug. Pays to work in the store! I figured out it was my grandson when he crawled from under the table with the pedal. He was 19 months old, so I removed the pedal. I remember it with a smile now, he will be 14 in less than 30 days. It’s hard to believe he is growing up so fast. Now there are no babies when I haul my machine up to teach the girls to sew. They sew on my Gem Platinum. Just had to share. Pedal free is good for those who have foot problems, too.

    • What a lovely story thanks for sharing it, I love to hear about people sewing and craft stories.
      Good point about pedal free being good for foot problems. It shows how flexible sewing is, anyone can do it no matter what mobility issues they have.

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