Count Down To Xmas 2015

The count down to Christmas is on and this year I’m anything but prepared. I’ve fallen behind on my gift making this year which is annoying me a little. I still have some birthday gifts to make for this year and then there the Christmas stuff. Little secret I am starting to panic.

Count Down

I know all that I want to make and I have nearly everything I need. I changed some of the items I was going to make around to fit in with my adjusted time frame of making things. I just need to get my butt into gear and start sewing. I’m going to have plan ahead and break all the items down into small manageable sewing tasks so I can do a little each day. I’m ok when I have something there ready to go that I can just pick up and sew. It’s all the preparing ahead that sometimes can freaks me out a little but if I can break it up into small tasks I have no excuses. Here is me kicking myself in the butt time to get sewing……


6 thoughts on “Count Down To Xmas 2015

  1. I wrote my to-do-list for Christmas just yesterday too. Started with the smallest things on the list like lavender cushions and it looks like I have already made some progress even if a little one 🙂 I hope you’ll find your time for crafting.

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