Love Desire & Riches

Today I went to the Love Desire & Riches exhibition at Old Government House Parramatta. The exhibition has been on since July and closes this weekend. The exhibition is a collection of Australian wedding dresses spanning over 200 years of fashion. The collection includes famous dresses that have been worn in tv and movies including the wedding dress worn by Toni Collette in Muriel’s Wedding and the red dress worn by Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. Sadly I didn’t take my camera with me but I purchased these lovely post cards of some of the garments on display.

Love Desire Riches

On the walls were framed bits of lace and a history on how some of it was made. There were cabinets with hair accessories and hats. Through the entire exhibit you were finding all these little treasures too look at and that was just between the displays of dresses. The work that goes into some wedding dresses in amazing. The fabrics used, the beading, the lace, the sequins. There is one dress where you can see all the construction that goes into fitting the bodice and the skirt. All the hand work to make it a perfect fit is incredible. Some dresses looked so heavy from the amount of beading and fabric that was in them and that is just what you could see on the outside. I’m in awe as to how girls can wear them.


On my mobile phone I did snap this picture of this vintage petticoat still with the label on it. These days you just don’t get that quality anymore. I was fascinated by all of the items. This exhibit travels around the country so if do get a chance to see it than I highly recommend you do. Even if the idea of looking at wedding dresses or any other themed exhibit isn’t your “thing” go and take a look as you may be surprised at how much you enjoy it. Previously but I mentioned that I am not into bridal things or the vintage look but I did enjoy this exhibit as I was looking at the exhibits from a textile and sewing view.


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