Bee Pin Cushion

Bee Pin Cushion Front

I had a leftover rectangle piece of fabric that had backing embroidery stabilizer on it so I made a pin cushion to add to my Bee Still My swap. I was looking online for a bee shape when I thought I can draw a bee so I got out a frixion pen, folded the fabric in half and drew a bee onto one half of the fabric. On the other half I free hand wrote some inspiring words (I do love a good pun)

Bee Pin Cushion Back

As with most embroidery that I do this is all hand backstitched. It didn’t take long and was a great way to spend a couple of hours in front of the tv. Once I was finished I only had to stitch 3 seams due to the fold in the fabric and fill it with walnut shells. I’m really happy with this. I was using scraps and supplies I had just sitting doing nothing. Pin cushions are practical items for sewers as you can never have enough of them.


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