Animal In You Swap


I received my awesome swap parcel back in July but haven’t shared it until now (life got in the way) My swap partner really spoilt me and I love everything she has made. For the swap we listed 3 animals we liked and the person made something about 1 or more of them.


Birds were my first choice as I’m the crazy bird lady around my area who talks to all the wild birds (and they talk back to me) I love this knitting bag that my partner made. At the time I received this I was doing all the hospital visits and it came in handy. It was just the perfect size for me to be able to keep my knitting and a novel in it and place it in a bedside drawer at the hospital.

AIY Penguins

Penguins were my 2nd choice. I waddle like a penguin. She knitted these adorable penguins. I love their fluro outfits. The shoe bag she made is lovely. So much work has gone into it. The little detail of the charms is so sweet.

AIY Possum

My 3rd choice was possums. I have them visit my house. I screamed with excitement when I saw this felt possum. It reminded me of a baby possum who was my latest visitor. This is so tiny and would’ve taken a lot of effort to make. It is adorable.

AIY Fabric

My partner wrapped the entire parcel in this wonderful bird fabric. The fabric is actually from my favourite design label Timeless Treasures. I have no idea what I will make with this fabric but until then I shall continue to look at it as it is so bright and funky and cheerful.

A big thank you again to my swap partner. This swap parcel really cheered me up at a time I needed it.


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