Pretty Cat

Pretty Cat

Pretty Cat is a pattern by Heidi Boyd that was published in Stitch magazine Spring 2009. She is a really simple toy to make. I used all scrap fabric in my stash to make her as I love she has almost a patchwork design to her. Even her tail is pieced similar to the way her legs are so that the tip is different fabric to the main tail section. As she has nice straight limbs I was able to make her my preferred way and that is attach the limbs to the body empty stuffing them afterwards through a gap in each limb. For legs I like to leave the gap on the back or inner leg seam. For arms I leave the gap on the underside of the arm and for the main torso I like to leave it on the side towards the bottom, on this toy the purple dots. Sometimes it’s not possible to leave the gap in the usual spots so I look for a good spot that isn’t somewhere obvious and avoid areas such as curves or where fabric have been pieced. I leave my gaps about 1″ 1.5″ long on limbs and about 1.5″ – 3″ long on torso / body sections. I ladder stitch the gaps closed after I have stuffed them, which only takes a couple of minutes. I get a neater result this way and spend less time constructing the toy as the toy is flat as I’m doing the body seams so I can do it quickly.

I love with just a few bits of scrap fabric you have you have lying in your stash you can come up with a toy. She is so bright and cheery. They don’t need to be made in your traditional coloured fabrics. Kids toys should be fun and imaginative. So you may not see a cat walking down the street with pink leggings and heart shape socks but it is fun to imagine it.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Cat

    • Thank you. You should try out stuffing the limbs after attaching them sometime. Ladder stitch / slip stitch is really easy with a bit of practice and doesn’t take that long to do. For myself I waste more time trying to get stuffed limbs to remain in the place I want them and the wrestling to keep the body of the fabric flat so I can do a neat seam. Attaching them flat I can wiz around and do my seams neat with out the stress.

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