Sew Comfort Chair

I indulged and got myself a Sew Comfort chair.

Sew Comfort Chair

I’ve had it about a month. As the name suggests this chair is so comfortable to sit on. It looks like a regular office chair but it raises up higher than your standard chairs so when at the sewing machine your shoulders are more relaxed. I found in particular when I was free motion quilting my shoulders were raised up and all tense. Raising this chair higher means I drop my shoulders and have better posture. I use these chairs at the shop where I go for my Sewing Guild meetings and they are like sitting on a cloud. I had one on my wishlist so with the lead up to Christmas sewing I decided to get one.


I haven’t raised it to its full height as I don’t need to at the moment but I will raise it higher when doing free motion. Even just the change in height of about 1.5″ at present I can really feel a difference. It has a larger seat and high back too which gives support. If you spend regular time at your sewing machine and even just thinking of getting one of these just a little bit I think they are worth it. If your comfortable you can spend longer time at your machine and that is a good thing. Often we are so busy making things for others we don’t think of ourselves. At the recent Sew-a-thon I’d only had my chair a few days but already found myself missing it when I wasn’t at home using it.


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