A Batch of Bella’s

I’ve made a good start on my Christmas gifts.

These softies are a panel pattern by Melly and Me called Bella Butterfly. I couldn’t get away with making one Bella when I have 4 nieces so this is a batch of Bella’s. The panels are very simple to do as all you do is just cut out all the pieces, follow the directions on how to sew each piece, assemble the toy and stuff it. If you are making just one toy they are really quick to do and you could easily get the toy finished in a couple of hours which makes this a great last minute toy.

Sewathon Sep 15 2nd Project

As I had 4 to make I did it in batches. I cut out all the pieces, assembled each limb or appendage, stuffed each piece then assembled each toy. It felt it took a bit longer but that is cause I had to make this toy a little different to how I like to make toys and that is by stuffing the limbs after I assemble the main body. I hate sewing in stuffed limbs. I can’t get them to sit properly.

I did have a slight mishap when attaching the base of each toy. I forgot until I started that I struggle to sew 3D curves and ovals in tiny spaces. I should’ve done these by hand. As a result my stitching wasn’t neat and I had blemishes particularly after I broke a needle and it chewed the fabric on my last one. No stress one thing I have learnt from crafting there is nothing that can’t be covered up with an embellishment so I cut a scrap of wool felt in a and hand appliqued it on once the toy had been stuffed. I did it on all the toys so it looked like a design element, if anyone can remember back to the 80’s Care Bears used to have on their butts.

Bella Butterfly Butts

4 presents off my list and I’m happy. Ok so they didn’t fully go to plan but it worked out.



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