Selfish Sewing – A Bag For Me

Hot off my sewing machine this morning I finished a 2 Zip Hipster for me.

2 ZH Mine Front

This is the second time I’ve made this bag after making one for a friend back in April. You would think second time around it would be easier but unfortunately no. I actually had a bit of trouble with this bag. From the start I will say it was me and not the pattern, the pattern is awesome it was just the person reading it. I probably rushed this more than I did last time. My stitching isn’t the neatest. I had to redo a couple of seams. I didn’t fold back items I should have resulting in having to reverse sew with my trusty unpicker. I broke 2 needles on this bag. Once I forgot to remove my zipper foot before I began to top stitch, I had my needle position moved over so wham needle snapped. Lesson learnt always pay attention. Also last time I think I must have rotary cut the pieces as they are all basic rectangles but this time I cut them by hand which meant they were a bit out of alignment.

2 ZH Mine Strap

This time I think I used a thicker pellon than last time. This made it harder to stitch at times particularly in the bag strap. I broke my second needle when I tried to secure the strap at the end. I didn’t want to risk another needle so I hand stitched with rows of back stitch.

2 ZH Mine Lining

When I brought the fabric for this bag I tried to look stylish and professional (something very different for me) and used the same print fabric for the outside and the inside. The pattern is almost like a leaf or grass print. The outside with black background with blue print, the inside in light blue background with a slightly darker blue print.

I’m sure I’ll make this bag again. I’ll have to look at different pellon next time. I might sticker to thinner pellon as its easier to sew. You don’t really need a thick pellon in this bag or the strap. This is a great pattern with easy to follow instructions. I worked on this bag over a couple of days. I was just having one of those projects where you face hiccup after hiccup but in the end it all gets done.


4 thoughts on “Selfish Sewing – A Bag For Me

  1. Love your bag. I think this is the same fabric I used to make a binding for a jacket. It’s very versatile.

    • Thank you. I picked up this fabric from Spotlight a few months back I agree its such an easy print you could use it on so many projects. I still have some leftover so who knows how it will be used.

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