A+ Skirt

A+ Skirt Front

The A+ Skirt was one of the patterns we got in this month’s Sew Box. I wanted to buy this pattern as I liked the style of it so I was over the moon to receive it this month. Just after I got the pattern I found this basket weave fabric on sale at quilt shop, it feels more like a linen rather than a quilting cotton. I thought the fabric print was good as I didn’t have to really pattern match I could just get away with it.

A+ Skirt Prep

The only thing I did slightly different to the pattern instructions was before I started stitching the seams together I overlocked all my raw edges to prevent them from fraying. The pattern says to neaten the edges after you do the seams. My skirt is very unique with purple and pink thread as that is the colours I have on my overlocker at the moment. I really thought about this and put the purple on the dark side of the fabric and the pink on the light side.

A+ Skirt Side

The pattern was really easy to follow. It was a simple no stress pattern. Even the zipper was easy to do. I’ve never done a skirt with a zipper before. I made this on my small travel sewing machine so my top stitching wasn’t the neatest. No one will be getting that close to my waistline to inspect it so it doesn’t matter.

A+ Skirt Back

I made this skirt in a day. I love it the fit is really good, it’s a simple comfortable skirt. I even did the sit test so I know I can wear it to work. I made the XL size. I got my personal trainer to measure me for this skirt (I’ve known him for 10 years so I can ask him to do things like this and he is cool with it) I find it easier for someone else to measure me. I’ve only made the basic version of this skirt, the pattern has a couple of other variations including one with pockets.


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