Bunny Mug Rug

Bunny Mug Rug Front

I finished this a while ago for a swap for some one who likes bunnies. This was so cute I almost didn’t want to give it away. This stitchery I found in Mollie Makes magazine. It was designed for the front of a bag but I instantly knew I wanted it for this mug rug. I love the idea of a bunny trying to disguise himself in the forest as a stag, like no-one will realise he is really a bunny as he has antlers. What I didn’t know at the time was the creature was actually a Jackalope. After googling Jackalopes I discovered they are mythically creatures from America. Anyway I just thought this one looked cute.

Bunny Mug Rug Centre

I used the same fabric on the front and the back of this mug rug. I like simple. I free motion quilted this. I did some echo quilting around stitchery and just had fun filling in all the little areas of the mug rug. What I did learn from this is that my chair isn’t high enough so my shoulders aren’t relaxed as I was sewing and with free motion you need to relax your shoulders.

Bunny Mug Rug Back

I had no idea until someone pointed this out but if you turn the back of it side ways it looks like a hippo. This is pure accident. I love hippos so the inner animal lover in me must’ve come out in this quilting. I think it also gives this a different look so your mug rug could be reversible.


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