A Life In Stitches

A Life In Stitches

A while back I read “The Shop on Blossom Street” and was looking to read more in the craft fiction genre so when a friend sent me the book A Life In Stitches to read I thought super its craft fiction. I can read it at the bedside to pass the time. I was totally wrong this book is actually the memoir of Rachel Herron so who the heck is Rachel I was thinking? As I read the book I discovered this amazing writer and blogger who had a passion for knitting. She also happens to write craft fiction.

This book I found hard to put down. It made me laugh, it made me cry (really hard to wipe your nose when you’re wearing a hospital face mask) I’m not going to be the crazy craft person who claims to be able relate to everything about Rachel and what she wrote about but there were some parts that of the book I found myself nodding or thinking yep I know the feeling. I also had an even stronger urge to learn to knit socks and a jumper which is something I’d wanted to learn for a while but even more so reading the book.

I ordered 2 of Rachel’s craft fiction books. I loved her non fictional writing so I will see if I like her fiction. Until the postman arrives with my goodies I was motivated to download the second book in the Blossom Street series to my kindle.


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