Buttercup Dishcloth

Buttercup Dishcloth

I really do love knitting pictorial dishcloths. I finished Buttercup yesterday. This is another DigKnitty Designs pattern. Knitting pictorial dishcloths are so simple as you have limited stitches to count and your either only doing a knit stitch or a purl stitch. When I first attempted this dishcloth I was following the pattern and when I came to one row to me it looked strange, the instructions didn’t make sense in regards to the amount K’s and P’s stitches but I kept up with it. I knitted a couple of rows buts kept looking at it thinking there are bumps on one side where there shouldn’t be. I realised I’d found an error in the pattern. I hear knitters often say that patterns have errors but I’ve never followed enough knitting patterns to ever come across one. I sent DigKnitty a Facebook message and they responded with an apology for the typo and the correct row details. I frogged the dishcloth entirely and starting again from stitch one. It came together in no time at all.

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