Fox Pin Cushion

This little pin cushion was so simple to make

Fox Pin Cushion Back

From memory (I must write these things down) all I used was 2 squares of fabric cut 5.5″ On the back I did rows of smocking stitch using a variegated thread. I love how it transforms a piece of plain white calico into something interesting. I kept running my fingers over the texture of the stitches. It really was simple sewing.

Fox Pin Cushion

On the front I traced a fox image I found in Mollie Johanson’s Stitch Love I discovered Mollie earlier this year. I really like her designs they are very fun and best of all you can do them nearly all in back stitch. To link the front of this to the back I did a couple of rows of the smocking stitch. The little fox looked too plain without some sort of border around him.

This pin cushion could also be used as a pattern weight if needed as it filled with crushed walnut shells so it has some weight to it. I love craft items that can be used for more than one purpose. This again was made from all things in my stash. The variegated thread was just sitting in my garage from the stash of sewing supplies I got from my mum. I did have an experimental play with the thread before I tried this.


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