Dr Who Swap

I’m a bit slow in posting these but these were the lovely items I got in the Dr Who Swap.

DW Boxes 1

These pouches/ boxes/ buckets what ever you wish to call them made by Rock Baby Scissors  are awesome. There was so screaming when I opened the package and saw them.

DW Boxes 2

I’m amazed by the fabrics. My fabric addiction went into overdrive as I kept looking at them. There are so many different fabrics and they are so fantastically melded together in each item. In Australia we are just starting to get Dr Who fabric but no where near the different prints that are in these so I was fascinated by them all. Even looking at overseas sites I haven’t seen this many.

DW Boxes 3

Even the bottom of them has different prints. I kept flipping these are around to look at them. There was many squeals as I found a new fabric. I shouldn’t have a favourite fabric but there is one in there that looks like the monitor screen that they use in hospitals which made me smile.

Sadly these photos don’t do justice to how bright these are. They are so pretty I don’t know where to use them. I need to get my craft areas in order (says every crafter ever) so I may use these to neaten myself up.

2 thoughts on “Dr Who Swap

    • Gina its funny how that is, you would think it would be easier to get since its a local tv show. I don’t know about the UK but the USA quilting market is larger than the Australian one so we don’t always get the fabrics they do in the States

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