Knitting Colour Play

Last week I had to sit around waiting so I brought the first issue of Art Of Knitting series as it came with 2 balls of yarn and a set of needles. This is all I need to keep me occupied for hours.

Knitting Colour Play

With the 2 colours in my hand I decided to play around and see if I could do 2 blocks of colours at the same time. I can knit stripes but this is a bit different. I had a play and casted on stitches with white then dropped the white yarn picking up the pink to cast on the remaining stitches. I knitted in garter stitch each row. It took me a few rows to work out how to change colours in the middle correctly but I worked out you twist them the same way you do when you’re doing rows of stripes. Looking at it I did miss one twist so there is a hole in the middle. Over all I’m happy with my yarn play. I’d seen it in knitting books but never read how to do it so it was all just trial and error.

I was going to make this into a beanie but reading the pattern now which I had vaguely remembered in my head it is on the wrong size needles so I won’t get the fit I want, also I don’t know if I will have enough yarn. That’s ok I had so much fun doing this I loved the challenge I set myself to work it, it’s a new skill that I have learnt. I’m going to pull it apart and do something else with the yarn instead.


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