Gnome Mini

Gnome Mini

I haven’t shared this yet but this was the main item I made for the June Gnome Swap

Gnome Mini Cat

For the swap each person was asked to do an inspiration board and share ideas of what they liked so the person making their secret gift could make it to their taste. The lovely person I made this for showed a picture of cat dressed as a gnome it was a pin cushion or knitted toy. I wasn’t able to make that however it did inspire me to create a Gnome Cat for this mini. I drew the sketch for this on a notepad while waiting for a bus. It turned out just how I had it in my head. Again it is all done in back stitch with French knot eyes

Gnome Mini Teapot

I thought that Gnome Cat needed to live in a house. Gnome Cat is a bit whimsical so I was thinking along the lines of the little houses in the Smurfs. I googled a bit and came across this teapot house image. It was perfect Gnome Cat should live in a teapot house.

Gnome Mini Back

This was my first attempt at proper free motion quilting. I did the day after I did my FMQ class. For a first attempt I’m really happy with it. Quilting side it looks pretty good. Binding wise I did have little issue. Binding and I are still not friends. I messed up one of the corners slightly. Sadly I forgot to measure it before I sent it. Its larger then your average mug rug more the size of a placemat.


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