Panda Tote

I was inspired to make this tote bag for a craft swap after seeing a similar one on Pinterest.

Panda Tote

In construction terms it is your basic lined tote bag. To get the curve all I did was stack all my layers of fabric on top of each other and used a dinner plate to mark out the shape. With all the 4 layers still pinned together I cut the shape with my scissors so simple. The ears I borrowed from the Hooded Scarf pattern. The black on the eyes and nose is wool felt.

This tote is very much following my sew my stash principle for the year. All parts of this bag were either made from leftovers in my scrap stash or from fabric just sitting in my stash waiting to be used. I love using items you have on hand to create something quickly.


Dr Who Swap

I’m a bit slow in posting these but these were the lovely items I got in the Dr Who Swap.

DW Boxes 1

These pouches/ boxes/ buckets what ever you wish to call them made by Rock Baby Scissors  are awesome. There was so screaming when I opened the package and saw them.

DW Boxes 2

I’m amazed by the fabrics. My fabric addiction went into overdrive as I kept looking at them. There are so many different fabrics and they are so fantastically melded together in each item. In Australia we are just starting to get Dr Who fabric but no where near the different prints that are in these so I was fascinated by them all. Even looking at overseas sites I haven’t seen this many.

DW Boxes 3

Even the bottom of them has different prints. I kept flipping these are around to look at them. There was many squeals as I found a new fabric. I shouldn’t have a favourite fabric but there is one in there that looks like the monitor screen that they use in hospitals which made me smile.

Sadly these photos don’t do justice to how bright these are. They are so pretty I don’t know where to use them. I need to get my craft areas in order (says every crafter ever) so I may use these to neaten myself up.

Knitting Colour Play

Last week I had to sit around waiting so I brought the first issue of Art Of Knitting series as it came with 2 balls of yarn and a set of needles. This is all I need to keep me occupied for hours.

Knitting Colour Play

With the 2 colours in my hand I decided to play around and see if I could do 2 blocks of colours at the same time. I can knit stripes but this is a bit different. I had a play and casted on stitches with white then dropped the white yarn picking up the pink to cast on the remaining stitches. I knitted in garter stitch each row. It took me a few rows to work out how to change colours in the middle correctly but I worked out you twist them the same way you do when you’re doing rows of stripes. Looking at it I did miss one twist so there is a hole in the middle. Over all I’m happy with my yarn play. I’d seen it in knitting books but never read how to do it so it was all just trial and error.

I was going to make this into a beanie but reading the pattern now which I had vaguely remembered in my head it is on the wrong size needles so I won’t get the fit I want, also I don’t know if I will have enough yarn. That’s ok I had so much fun doing this I loved the challenge I set myself to work it, it’s a new skill that I have learnt. I’m going to pull it apart and do something else with the yarn instead.

Gnome Mini

Gnome Mini

I haven’t shared this yet but this was the main item I made for the June Gnome Swap

Gnome Mini Cat

For the swap each person was asked to do an inspiration board and share ideas of what they liked so the person making their secret gift could make it to their taste. The lovely person I made this for showed a picture of cat dressed as a gnome it was a pin cushion or knitted toy. I wasn’t able to make that however it did inspire me to create a Gnome Cat for this mini. I drew the sketch for this on a notepad while waiting for a bus. It turned out just how I had it in my head. Again it is all done in back stitch with French knot eyes

Gnome Mini Teapot

I thought that Gnome Cat needed to live in a house. Gnome Cat is a bit whimsical so I was thinking along the lines of the little houses in the Smurfs. I googled a bit and came across this teapot house image. It was perfect Gnome Cat should live in a teapot house.

Gnome Mini Back

This was my first attempt at proper free motion quilting. I did the day after I did my FMQ class. For a first attempt I’m really happy with it. Quilting side it looks pretty good. Binding wise I did have little issue. Binding and I are still not friends. I messed up one of the corners slightly. Sadly I forgot to measure it before I sent it. Its larger then your average mug rug more the size of a placemat.

Craft Boxes July 15

Sew Box Subscriptions has had a mini name change now to Craft Boxes. The theme this month is Winter Warmers

CB Jul 15

Lots of goodies in the box this month

  • Thread Through Scarf pattern by Tigerlily Patterns
  • Hot Water Bottle Cover pattern by Arjay Creations
  • Market Gloves pattern by Little Moo Designs
  • Fabric Earrings Tutorial
  • Headband/Earwarmer Tutorial
  • 50cm each of 2 different colours of paisley quilting cottons
  • 50cm of navy coral fleece
  • Earring Kit
  • Felt flowers
  • Metal flower buttons
  • Discount voucher for Buttontopia

I love the colours of the fabric this month all the blues and greens that I like. I have a few ideas ticking through my head. The headband tutorial looks good as you can never have enough headbands. The felt flowers may come in handy to add to a bag or something. The earrings would make pretty gifts. Now just to find the time to sit down and craft





Stag Bag

This is a little tote bag that I whipped up

Stag Bag

On both the sides of the bag is the same stag head outline. I had embroidered it with back stitch. Because the cotton drill was thick and dark it was a little hard to trace the shape on to the fabric. I had to do it in the early hours of the morning before the sun came up with the whole house in darkness so I could get the full brightness from the light box to beam through the outline to trace it. That was the most difficult part in making this bag.

Stag Bag Stitch Detail

On the handles I have used a serpentine stitch to add strength but also make it a little decorative. I repeated that same stitch as the top stitching around the top of the bag. This extra row of stitching also added strength to the handle ends inside.

Stag Bag Lining

I have lined it with a light fabric which matches the embroidery thread on the outside of the bag. I like bags that have a light colour inside it just makes it easier to find things in them. I’m happy with contrast of colours too.

This was a really simple bag which turned out the exact way I imaged it would with the stag images on the sides.