Wild Things I think I love you

In the June Sew Box I got the Wild Things Hooded Scarf pattern. It was love at first sight.

Hooded Scarf Flutterbys


Luckily just after I got this pattern Lincraft had a sale so I was able to get all the fabric. For each of the 3 of these I have used minky on the outer of the scarf and flannelette on the inside. In the shop I colour matched my fabric choices together so each of them would be a different colour. I’m the craft crazy who stands in a store muttering to themselves.

Hooded Scarf Owls

For my owl loving niece I even found owl fabric. Confession I have never had to pattern match or work with direction before so the first lot of this I cut out half the pieces were the wrong direction. Lucky I always buy extra fabric so I was able to cut them out correctly. I even fussy cut owls for the ears. Proud moment in my sewing career.

Hooded Scarf Fussy Cut

I have never stitched with minky before, my entire house looks like a scene from a muppet horror movie as there are bits of pink fluff everywhere.  I didn’t realise how much it sheds. I’d heard that minky was difficult to work with so I followed the advice given and used a lot of pins which made the difference I think as I didn’t really have any trouble.

Hooded Scarf Toadstools

The pattern comes with an optional tail. So I made 3 tails which can be pinned on with a nappy pin to the child’s waistband.

Hooded Scarf Tails

Why should the kids have all the fun I even made one for me but no I didn’t do a tail. I’ll happily walk the streets with my ears but I fear I may get taken away by people in white coats if I walk the streets with a tail. Mine is done with a polar fleece out on the outer as I couldn’t find suitable minky.

Hooded Scarf Me

So in all 4 I just made the most basic version of this pattern. I did the basic shaped ears, scarf ends and tail. For the first time round and due to having so many to make at once I wanted to keep it simple.  I will be making this pattern. I can’t emphasise how much I this pattern and I will shout it to all who will listen. I can literally make this pattern for every child I know boy or girl. You don’t need to know their clothing size, you select your pattern size on the child’s age. The pattern goes from I think 6 months to adult so you can get a lot made from the one pattern purchase. You can make each one differently just by changing the fabric or ears so in theory you could make a new one for the same child every year but it be different. You could make this as simple or as crazy as you like. If you child or yourself doesn’t like ears then don’t add them in. The possibilities are endless with this pattern.



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