Gnome Swap Parcel

I was so excited when my Gnome Swap parcel arrived. It was so beautifully wrapped I didn’t want to open it. Who am I kidding of course I wanted to open it I just didn’t want to tear the paper.

Gnome Swap Wrapping

My swap partner made me the most gorgeous mini quilt. I’ve never owned a mini before so I was so excited when I saw it. I love the colours. Blue and green are my favourite.

Gnome Swap Mini Front

The gnome machine embroidered piece is fantastic. I keep looking at it. Thus far I have only done simple letters on my embroidery machine and this mini is making me itch to try out a design.

Gnome Swap Mini Centre

The back looks just as great as the front does. I love the way that it is quilted. Her quilting lines are so neat. I’m a very geometric person so I love the fabric pattern.

Gnome Swap Mini Back

My swap partner also made me a little pouch with a scissor minder which I can attach to my scissors so I know which pair are mine (yes I did throw a tantrum once when I thought some had my scissors only to discover we both had the same pair) I love this little pouch. The tiny pom poms are adorable.

Gnome Swap Pouch

I was spoilt with some extras including flamingo socks! I was in need of new socks so wore them within days. I was also given something I haven’t eaten in years Skittles!! They were so yummy. There were also a couple of gnome statues which I will place in my pot plants, stickers, glittery hand wash and the cutest pair of gnome earrings.

Gnome Swap Parcel

A big thank you to my swap partner. I love my parcel 🙂




12 thoughts on “Gnome Swap Parcel

  1. Wow such amazing items! I love handmade items the woodland pouch is my favourite ❤ I wish I could see to swap items with people looks amazing x

    • I agree handmade items are just so adorable. The effort people put into something is amazing. You know that handmade items are made with love and care

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