World Wide Knitting In Public Day June 13 2015

June 13 was World Wide Knitting In Public Day. The Knitters Guild of NSW held an event which I took part of.


We went on a train trip to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains for the afternoon. Around 30-35 knitters jumped on the same train at various stations along the journey. We took over a train carriage and knitted and chatted all the way. It was so much fun. Because the guild isn’t strictly for Knitters I took both my knitting and crochet with me and did a little of both on the trip.


When we got to Katoomba we headed for The Granny Square I’d never been there before it was a gorgeous little shop. The wool they had was so pretty and colourful. To be honest I have so much wool for my current projects and for a few future projects that I couldn’t justify buying any, however I did need double pointed needles (DPN’s). Recently I got a book of toy animals and discovered they were made with DPN’s but I didn’t have any. With my mobile phone I’d taken a photo of the sizes needed so if I came across them I could the get the ones I need. That photo came in handy yesterday as needles were on sale so I was able to pick up the ones needed.

WWKIPD15 Shopping

After our shopping we wandered off in groups to various cafes for lunch and more chatting. Katoomba is a lovely town. Being in the mountains its a cold town but we got a lovely day and it was actually very warm (I didn’t even get to wear my ear muffs!) We all wandered back to the train station where we sat in the sun until our train arrived. They had really long bench seats so all along the platform there was all these knitters sitting 4 to a seat frantically trying finish their segment or row before the train came at the same time chatting “what did you buy” “oh that’s so pretty”


On the train trip back there was more chatting and more knitting. I really enjoyed the day. As I’m only new to the group (this was my 3rd month) it gave me a chance to mingle with other members of the group that I hadn’t talked too. You could start up a conversation with anyone and have a great time.


4 thoughts on “World Wide Knitting In Public Day June 13 2015

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day wish I could have been there I love looking (and buying) in wool shops and I know Katoomba has got a really good one if its the one I am thinking of in the arcade been there many a time when I lived in Springwood. Nothing like the Blue Mtns. on a lovely winter day with good company. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves so much.

    • Ooh no Stella this one was in Waratah street. I must look up the other one. We had a lovely day. I’m thinking I must do regular day trips up there as I forgot how lovely the towns are

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