Police Box Wristlet

Now that my Dr Who swap partner has received her parcel I can reveal the main item I made for her a Police Box Wristlet.

Police Box Wristlet

I came across the tutorial to make this on the DUMD website and instantly knew I had to make this for the swap. The free tutorial shows you how to piece the front panel of the wristlet. If you want to make the actual wristlet you need to purchase the Essential Wristlet pattern for full instructions. I strongly suggest you do as Erin writes great patterns. The wristlet is a great little pattern to have in your collection.

On my sewing machine I can do lettering as part of the regular stitch patterns so that is how I did the lettering. The tutorial shows you to do it with a zig zag stitch. I used wool felt to do the windows and the sign. I assembled the handle a little different to the tutorial. You do a double fold to enclose the raw edges of the strap then top stitch around it all. My strap was so narrow that when I did it I wasn’t comfortable with top stitching around both sides of the edge so instead once the strap was folded I pinned it and ladder stitched all around the open edge to secure it by hand. I then did a single line of top stitching down the centre of the strap. It took no time at all to do it this way and it was less than trying to fiddle with the sewing machine. I also used my small travel sewing machine to do the top stitching on the handle as it has a smaller free arm sewing area when you remove the sewing bed and I could turn the loop easier as the handle loop isn’t very big. The handle was a good challenge for me to work out how am I going to do this and with what resources.


2 thoughts on “Police Box Wristlet

  1. This is brilliant. I live in Caerphilly where they film alot of Doctor Who and I was really disappointed I missed out on this swap

    • Thanks 🙂 Oh wow that would be awesome living near where they film it. The swap was a lot of fun. I’m sure there will be another Doctor Who swap at some point that you can take part in.

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