Long Weekend Crafting

Last weekend we had a long weekend which meant 3 days of crafting!! I did so much but didn’t really get anything completed.


I started 2 stuffed toys. One was a little more complicated than I anticipated so it took more time. That’s ok I worked on it in stages over the 3 days. It is slowly came together and is now up to the stuffing and facial details stage. My second toy came about on a whim after a conversation on Friday night. I was planning on making a different toy for this child but when a child is obsessed with a certain animal its best to give them what they want. This one will be made from all scraps I had near my sewing table and bit of extra felt. Look I’m using trims!

Mug Rug WIP

I worked on a mugrug for a swap due at the end of the month. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to complete it. This is only my second time at free motion quilting. I just need to bind it now. Secret sewing is fun but it also means you spend so much time on it and you can’t show anyone until the person gets it! I also went shopping as I got a great pattern last week which is perfect to add to some gifts I’m making but I had no supplies to make it so I took advantage of the great sale Lincraft was holding and saved a minimum of 40% off all the items I purchased (11m of fabric in total)

Even though I have no Tada! projects to show I enjoyed my weekend as it was full of sewing, crafting and relaxing. Lots of works in progress and fabric drying (yes I’m a pre-washer) equals a successful weekend crafting to me. After loosing my “sewjo” the last few months doing the ASG photo challenge last month sparked the sewing side in me again. I had fun sitting at the sewing machine working away (even if I had to re-do toy seam after toy seam – I really don’t like sewing curves or stuffed limbs inside a toy) I remembered to use the little skills that I have learnt. I used the built-in features of my sewing machine including using the knee lift, I used different sewing feet during a project to give me the best result. I still consider myself as a basic sewer. I love learning and I love putting the things I’ve learnt in to practice.


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