Yarn Ball Centre Pull End Of Ball

Oh wow it’s nearly a month since I first mentioned trying the centre pull method when working with a ball of yarn. If you click on the link to the original post you will see how by chance I tried the centre pull method of using the yarn from inside the ball of yarn.

Yarn Ball Centre Pull Middle

I continued working with it from the centre. It was an interesting experiment as to be honest I was expecting it to collapse in on itself as the insides disappeared but it didn’t.  I did have to re-wind the end piece around the centre as it became skinner in the middle.

Yarn Ball Centre Pull Open

Even towards the end it still kept the original shape. It did become more open but was still very manageable.

Yarn Ball Centre Pull End

I would say it was only when I got to the last 1-2 metres that it fell apart. By that stage I was able to wrap it around my fingers a few times to form a tiny ball.

Yarn Ball Centre Pull New Ball

When it came time to join a new ball I had no issues finding the centre end. I poked my fingers in, felt around and found the end easily. Ok the yarn police will probably come after me but I’m not fussed about when I join the yarn to a new ball, if it falls within a row I just weave in all the remaining ends. I was able to tie these two as normal and continue on with my knitting.

Yarn Ball Centre Pull

I found this method of working with the yarn wonderful. The ball stayed still and didn’t jump around the place. When I was knitting at the pub I didn’t have to worry the yarn would jump out of my tote bag when I yanked at it and roll across the floor like it would normally do. I could have the ball sitting on the bed next to me and not have it fly across the room when I pulled it. I’m going to continue using this method from now on when possible. I tried this method by accident after I pulled on the wrong end from the ball but sometimes that’s just how new things happen. You have to try everything once before you know if you like it or not.


2 thoughts on “Yarn Ball Centre Pull End Of Ball

  1. That is so good! I actually spend hours rewinding balls of yarn on the yarn winder sending my hubby crazy with the noise lol!

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